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We aim to provide legal assistance to our clients who live and work across international borders. The main areas of our legal writing services are; Immigration and naturalization procedures, international and domestic will-drafting, international and domestic estate administration, passport and signature certification.

Gyoseishoshi lawyers are by law authorized to draft documents regarding the certification of facts, represent clients in writing and submitting civil and administrative documents, and to do all other functions enumerated in the 'Gyoseishoshi Lawyers Act' of Japan, and are obliged to protect their clients' confidential information. However, Gyoseishoshi lawyers are not allowed to represent clients at court. If you need a lawyer who can represent you in litigation, we recommend you bring the case to either Bengoshi or Shihoshoshi, which are the categories of lawyers who can represent clients at court.

The purpose of this website is to show the range of our main services and fees. Please click titles on the left side bar to read the articles.

Ohkawa Gyoseishoshi Office
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Chiba 284-0027 JAPAN
Tel: 043-422-6272
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Fax: 043-332-4963
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Office available 10am-5pm Japan Time on Japanese Business Days, Monday to Friday.

Notice on the Requirement of Proof of Identity and Address

As the Law For Prevention of Transfer of Criminal Proceeds has come in effect on the 1st March 2008, Gyoseishoshi lawyers are required to obtain clients' proof of identity and home address in following cases where a gyoseishoshi lawyer is to;

(1) act or procedure concerning the trade in a building lot or building;

(2) act or procedure concerning the establishment or merger of a company and other acts or procedures prescribed by Cabinet Order concerning the organization, operation or management of a company (including acts or procedures, prescribed by Cabinet Order as those corresponding to these acts or procedures, involving a corporation, association or trust which is not a company and is prescribed by Cabinet Order);

(3) management or disposition (excluding those falling under the preceding two Items) of cash, deposits, securities and other property worth 2 million yen and over.

If your case applies to any of the above categories, you will be requested that you bring original document(s) proving your name and address so that we can take photocopy.

Appropriate proof of identity and address include following documents;
(1) valid passport
(2) Japanese driving licence
(3) alien registration card
(4) juuki card (with photograph)
(5) other ID card issued by the Japanese government (with photograph)
(6) jumin hyo
(7) child benefit book

Extra proof of identity as follows will be required of businesses;
(1) registration certificate
(2) seal certificate (inkan toroku shomeisho)

Please note that we cannot commence working for clients until we are supplied with the proof of identity and address that we request. Giving false or altered documents to cover your identity or address with will be punished by law.

Your understanding and cooperation will be most appreciated.
For more details please visit Japan Financial Intelligence Center website.

Important Notice on Appointment

If you wish to make an appointment with us, please inform us of (1) your full name as stated in your passport, (2) the address of your residence, and (3) your telephone number. If you fail to give us the above information, we cannot accept your booking.

If you wish to cancel or postpone the appointment, please contact us by 24 hours prior to the appointment.

If you contact us to cancel or postpone the appointment within 24 hours before the appointment, we will charge 6,300 yen (tax included) as cancellation fee.

If you do not show up within an hour after the appointment without notice, we will charge consultation fee for an hour (6,300 yen), daily allowance for half a day (10,500 yen), and actual travel expense.